The ZS PRIZE awards ceremony is the culmination of a very keenly contested healthcare challenge where over 33,000 of the brightest talent in India registered and 2,900 submitted healthcare ideas.


ZS, a global professional services firm with over 35 years of experience in healthcare, life sciences, and innovation, conceptualized ZS PRIZE to leverage their expertise to identify, award and help sustainable ideas with the potential to solve complex problems of accessibility and affordability in the Indian healthcare ecosystem.


After rigorous scrutiny, 20 teams were shortlisted for further mentoring by experts in ZS and industry experts. A final shortlist of 8 were mentored by experts in ZS, and renowned clinicians to pitch their ideas to the eminent ZS PRIZE jury. Watch the much-awaited ZS PRIZE awards ceremony here to be inspired by the 8 finalists and celebrate the winners.

In conversation with ZS PRIZE 2021 Mentor- Apoorva Aggarwal, Office Managing Principal, ZS India


Apoorva Aggarwal is all praises for the Top 20 teams for ZS PRIZE. Here, she shares her experiences of coaching one team and helping them through their entrepreneurship struggles. Watch the video on how she helped the team get past the challenges of entrepreneurship while adding finesse to their solution.

In conversation with ZS PRIZE 2021 Mentor - Tarun Pandey, Office Managing Principal, ZS India.


Tarun Pandey coached one of the Top 20 teams for finalising their go-to-market strategy. His rich experience at ZS, dealing with finding viable business solutions for clients, came in handy here. In this interaction, he talks about his 'rewarding and fulfilling mentorship experience'.

ZS PRIZE 2021 Top 20 team Gautham Pasupuleti, CEO & MD, Biodesign Innovation Labs


Gautham Pasupuleti, CEO & MD, Biodesign Innovation Labs aims to tackle the shortage of ventilators and lower the mortality rate in India. He left a promising corporate career to become an entrepreneur. Watch him, share the details of his innovative idea, his career graph and his experience with ZS PRIZE in this interesting video.

ZS PRIZE 2021 Top 8 team - Gowrishankar Wuppuluru, Founder & CEO, Padmaseetha Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Padmaseetha Technologies' Founder & CEO, Gowrishankar Wuppuluru shares in-depth details about how his portable dialysis device was designed and how he can help millions in need. Listen in, as he shares the various experiences of his entrepreneurial journey and what keeps him excited about his product along with his journey with ZS PRIZE.

ZS PRIZE 2021 Top 8 team - Rutuja Udyawar, Founder, Optimum Data Analytics.

Rutuja Udyawar, Founder, Optimum Data Analytics aims to help the visually impaired read using their innovative solution Bindu Smart Cap. In this video, she explains her innovative concept, her vision for the product, and how the mentors at ZS helped make the product market-ready.

ZS PRIZE 2021 Top 20 team - Akshay Navalakha, Co-Founder,

In conversation with ZS PRIZE 2021 shortlisted team from Its Co-Founder, Akshay Navalakha, shares how his personal struggles with the healthcare management system drove him to devise a patient-driven platform. His dream is to build a remote monitoring platform for a holistic patient-centric system. Watch his story here.

In conversation with Shankar Viswanathan, Office Managing Principal, ZS India, and ZS PRIZE 2021 Evaluator

In this candid conversation, Shankar Viswanathan, Office Managing Principal, ZS India mentions how the Top 20 teams used cutting edge technology to solve some of India's deep-rooted healthcare challenges. He feels that all the Top 20 teams have passion and a deep sense of purpose in their ideas, and thus align naturally with the ZS PRIZE vision.

In conversation with Abhishek Trigunait, Chief Technology Officer Principal ZS, and ZS PRIZE 2021 Evaluator.

Abhishek Trigunait says that most of these ideas are scalable and will help solve India's healthcare crisis. In this video, he explains how most ideas will make a sustained impact in the healthcare domain.