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Winner journey in ZS PRIZE

In conversation with the top 8 finalists of ZS PRIZE 2022
Meet our top 8 finalists as they share their experiences of participating in ZS PRIZE and express their gratitude for providing invaluable mentorship, growth opportunities, endless visibility, and problem-solving techniques that help startups to grow big.
In conversation with Team Stamurai, ZS PRIZE 2021 Winner
Team Stamurai, Winner of the ZS PRIZE 2021 talks about how ZS PRIZE's one-to-one mentorship imparted by the healthcare industry experts was a total game changer for them.
In conversation with Team Ameliorate Biotech, ZS PRIZE 2021 Runner up
Dr Binita Shrivastava Tunga, Co-Founder & CTO of Ameliorate Biotech, talks about the impact ZS PRIZE and its mentorship had in helping their team think out-of-box and build affordable and accessible healthcare solutions in India.
In conversation with Team CareMother, ZS PRIZE 2021 Finalist
Shantanu Pathak, Co-Founder & CEO of CareNX Innovations, thanks ZS PRIZE for the visibility and scalability their product gained across India and the US.
In conversation with Team MedPrime Technologies, ZS PRIZE 2021 Finalist
Watch Greesha Unnikrishnan, Co-Founder of MedPrime Technologies, share tips and insights with young startups on how ZS PRIZE can improve their product or service's visibility to its prospects.
In conversation with Team India Vision, ZS PRIZE 2021 Finalist
CEO of Optimum Data Analytics, Rutuja Udyavar and Ajay Kashikar, Strategic Advisor from Team India and finalists at ZSPRIZE'21 share how the industry experts helped them nurture their idea of providing a wearable assistive device for visually impaired.
In conversation with Team Pulse Active Stations Network, ZS PRIZE 2021 Finalist
ZSPRIZE'21 Finalists, Joginder Tanikella, Founder & CEO of Team Pulse Active Stations Network lauds the concept of #ZSPRIZE for taking extra effort in building a startup.
In conversation with Gajanan Sakhare, Founder & CEO, and Aditi Pais, Chief of Operations at Briota Technologies, the winners of ZS PRIZE 2023:
Meet team Briota, the winner of ZS PRIZE 2023, share their excitement of being recognized as the most disruptive healthcare innovators. The team discusses their idea and the need for such a solution for a global healthcare makeover.
In conversation with Nishant Kathpal, CEO & Founder, Ayati Devices, the runner-up of ZS PRIZE 2023:
Team Ayati, runner-up of ZS PRIZE 2023 talk about their experience and journey at ZS PRIZE and how their idea can disrupt the healthcare industry for the global good.
In conversation with Dr. M.V. Sasidhar, Founder, Urvogelbio Private Limited, the runner-up of ZS PRIZE 2023:
Meet team Urvogelbio, runner-up of ZS PRIZE 2023, as they share key milestones in their ZS PRIZE journey and talk about their unique idea to improve healthcare globally.

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