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ZS Prize FAQs

India is a country of over a billion people across rural, semi-urban, and urban landscapes. There are several gaps in how the population receives primary and secondary care across a gamut of diseases.

While organizations are doing their part by bringing in innovative healthcare solutions, there is still great potential in the untapped minds of the younger generation. ZS PRIZE will thus become the catalyst that brings the thoughts under one roof and unlock these ideas to create a better future.

ZS PRIZE will provide an opportunity to create an innovative, tech-enabled, novel healthcare solution. These solutions will help young India actively contribute and bring a change to the Indian healthcare landscape.

If you have a working prototype, share relevant information on it when submitting your entry. Submissions of working prototypes are more likely to get shortlisted.

  • The Healthcare Challenge (The Why) - 30%
    • Well-articulated healthcare problem statement
    • The significant need in India being addressed
  • The Core Solution (The What) - 35%
    • Novelty/innovativeness of the proposed solution
    • Estimated impact of the solution (with substantive evidence to back-up claims)
  • The In-depth Plan (The How) - 35%
    • The kernel of the proposed approach/methods
    • Skillset of the team (commitment, the tenacity etc. to carry it through)
    • The completeness of the development plan
Delighters (value-add while considering the shortlist)
  • Proof-of-concept (tested elements of the concept)
  • Market feedback on estimated solution value through user research
  • Early user experience feedback on solution prototype

Winners of ZS PRIZE will receive cash rewards from the prize purse, as follows.
  • First Prize (Winner): Rs 75 lakh
  • Runners Up (2): Rs 25 lakh each
  • Special Mentions (2): Rs 10 lakh each
  • Remaining Top 8 Teams (3): Rs 2 lakh each
Additionally, top 50 teams will benefit from a fast track interview process for career opportunities in ZS.

The intellectual property of the idea remains with the participant. ZS may, however, possess or develop products or services similar to those submitted to ZS PRIZE.

ZS PRIZE comprises a multi-level process: registration, submission, evaluation, mentoring the shortlisted, pitch to the jury, and winners' announcement.

The experience and expertise that ZS brings toward providing innovative healthcare solutions leveraging data, analytics, and technology, makes ZS PRIZE an unique platform for India's young minds that are raring to do greater good for the ordinary people. Through ZS PRIZE and the various stages of this award, you will be able to ideate and create path breaking solutions that will create a deep sustainable impact. ZS PRIZE will be an innovative platform to help advance, award, and celebrate innovations that drive large-scale impact across the population.

The award also offers an in-built six-week mentorship with senior ZS professionals, and an eminent jury, who will pick the winners. Worthy finalists and shortlisted teams will be provided further support, at the discretion of the mentors from ZS.

The winner(s) of the coveted ZS PRIZE should be a future thought leader, an entrepreneur who can lead conversations, and create tangible solutions that will create an impact in the lives of millions. Aside from the cash prize, winners will gain access to in-depth expertise from within the healthcare industry through the in-built mentorship program. Those shortlisted will showcase their solutions to a jury that boasts of some of the biggest names from healthcare and tech industries. Winning participants and teams will benefit from the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to solve for India's healthcare challenges. The recognition and honor of winning the coveted ZS PRIZE will be additional.

General FAQs

Not necessarily. However, having intermediate proficiency in the domain of the initiative will help.

You can mail your queries to query@zsprize.com

You can upload your idea on zsprize.zs.com as per the details shared in the registration page.

You are not required to have a fully implemented idea at the time of entry to ZS PRIZE. However, the submission should be functional to be reviewed by the jury.

Yes, an instruction page will appear before you begin to attempt the question. Please read the instructions carefully before continuing with the question.

The login box will accept an email id of up to 200 characters. If you continue to face an issue, please clear your browser cache before you attempt again.

The list of winners may differ from the Leaderboard Final list for the following reasons.
  • If a team/candidate has duplicate accounts for any reason, they will get disqualified.
  • If two or more teams/candidates have a similar submission, ZS will disqualify all of them.
  • ZS partners and sponsors will deliver all prizes only after the completion of the initiative or contest.

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