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ZS PRIZE Experts speak

Sanjay Joshi
In conversation with Sanjay Joshi, Principal, ZS:
Meet Sanjay Joshi, Principal, ZS | Founder - ZS PRIZE, as he explains how ZS PRIZE has become the catalyst in advancing healthcare innovations and ambassador for healthcare equity.
Vijay Chandru
In conversation with Vijay Chandru, hon'ble jury member for the ZS PRIZE 2023:
Watch Vijay Chandu, Co-Founder, Strand Life Sciences at ZS, revealing what stands out for him as he serves as a jury member for the second edition of ZS PRIZE.
Ravi Venkatesan
In conversation with Ravi Venkatesan, hon'ble Jury Chair for the ZS PRIZE 2023:
Meet Ravi Venkatesan, Jury Chair, Business Leader, Author, and Social Entrepreneur at ZS, as he talks about the quality of submissions and how ZS PRIZE has inspired young innovators to build solutions in healthcare.
Vinita Bali
In conversation with ZS PRIZE Jury Vinita Bali
Global business leader, ex-MD & CEO of Britannia and ZS PRIZE 2022 Jury member Vinita Bali shared her valuable inputs on dealing with healthcare challenges. "Access to healthcare is the first structural change required in India," she said.
Sanjay Joshi
Founder, ZS PRIZE shares his vision behind launching the award

Sanjay Joshi, Founder, ZS PRIZE explains the concept behind launching this award and how it will bring healthcare innovation and advancement to the forefront.

ZS PRIZE has launched its second edition and invites innovators to share their ideas to make healthcare affordable and accessible for all.

Mohit Sood
Regional Managing Principal Head, ZS explains the concept of ZS PRIZE
While the COVID-19 pandemic outlined the critical healthcare challenges in the country, it has also highlighted opportunities where new-age technologies can be leveraged to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all. Mohit Sood, Regional Managing Principal Head, ZS explains this, and how ZS PRIZE is a key lever in identifying innovations in healthcare to solve for India.
Aarti Shah
Aarti Shah,Board Member at NVIDIA and Northwestern Mutual
ZS PRIZE Jury Aarti Shah,Board Member at NVIDIA and Northwestern Mutual, outlines the major challenges of the healthcare sector: first is access to quality healthcare, second is affordability and third is little or no emphasis on preventive healthcare. In this interaction, she explains how these challenges can be mitigated using disruptive technologies.
GV Prasad
ZS PRIZE Jury member GV Prasad on Indian healthcare challenges, role of technology and government
GV Prasad, who is the Co-Chair and MD of Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, discusses pertinent healthcare industry problems that need solving and shares his views on the role of technology and government in creating large-scale impact. As a jury member of ZS PRIZE, Prasad is a strong believer in the power of technology in providing better access to healthcare, improving patient outcomes, and collecting medical data in a more effective way.
Dr Ferzaan Engineer
ZS PRIZE Jury member Dr Ferzaan Engineer addresses Indian healthcare challenges and opportunities
ZS PRIZE jury Dr Ferzaan Engineer, Co-Founder and Chairman of Cytecare Hospitals, shares key healthcare challenges that India needs to address in the next decade:
  • Preventive healthcare and early diagnosis Health insurance coverage for both rural and urban India
  • Making healthcare affordable for all
Sandeep Singhal
ZS PRIZE jury member Sandeep Singhal shares expert insight on focusing on a problem-solving approach
ZS PRIZE jury, entrepreneur and pioneer venture capitalist, Sandeep Singhal guides entrepreneurs and innovators in the healthcare domain to leverage their passion for problem-solving. He talks about the role of market size, capital efficiency and evolving the existing ecosystem.
Prof K Srinath Reddy
In conversation with ZS PRIZE Jury Prof K Srinath Reddy
ZS PRIZE 2022 Jury member Prof K Srinath Reddy, President, Public Health Foundation of India discusses how #ZSPRIZE can help drive healthcare transition in India.

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