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ZS PRIZE, an award presented by ZS, has been designed to recognize, celebrate and advance innovation in health and healthcare using data, analytics, and disruptive technology.

In its inaugural year, ZS PRIZE will focus on shaping the future of Indian healthcare. This year it is seeking innovative healthcare solutions that will be large scale, easily accessible, and affordable for all.

Designed by ZS, a global professional services firm with over 35 years of experience in healthcare and life sciences, ZS PRIZE will enable young innovators to create healthcare solutions that have the potential to change the future.

The winning team(s) will create ingenious solutions that will ultimately be the prize for millions of citizens who are in need of an evolved, accessible, and affordable healthcare system today.

How it works

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28 Oct 2020 - 21 Dec 2020 Closed
Idea submission
Participants will share their transformative idea
28 Oct 2020 - 21 Dec 2020 Closed
Top teams will undergo intensive mentorship from ZS
28 Jan 2021 - 22 Mar 2021 Closed
Jury presentation
Top eight teams will present their solutions to the jury
3 Apr 2021 Closed
Winner declaration
ZS PRIZE winner
Apr 2021 Closed
Who can participate?
Graduates or postgraduates from any discipline
Working professionals
Working at an enterprise, a start-up, or in an NGO
Whether a student or a professional, you can solve for India. Rewards of over one crore, up to six-week of intensive mentorship, interviews for roles in ZS for up to 50 top teams, and national recognition.

who can participate


See jury bios
Ravi Venkatesan
Business Leader, Former Chairman Microsoft India, Jury Chairman
Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
Executive Chairperson,
Sangita Reddy
Joint Managing Director,
Apollo Hospitals
Dr. Dipak Jain
President (European) CEIBS, Former Dean Kellogg School of Management
Prof. K. Srinath Reddy
President, Public Health Foundation of India
Vijay Chandru Reddy
Founder, Strand Life Sciences
Sandeep Singhal
Co-founder and MD, Nexus Venture Partners
Dr. Ferzaan Engineer
Co-founder and Chairman, Cytecare Hospitals


India is a country of over a billion people across rural, semi-urban, and urban landscapes. There are several gaps in how the population receives primary and secondary care across a gamut of diseases.

While organizations are doing their part by bringing in innovative healthcare solutions, there is still great potential in the untapped minds of the younger generation. ZS PRIZE will thus become the catalyst that brings the thoughts under one roof and unlock these ideas to create a better future.

ZS PRIZE will provide an opportunity to create an innovative, tech-enabled, novel healthcare solution. These solutions will help young India actively contribute and bring a change to the Indian healthcare landscape.

If you have a working prototype, share relevant information on it when submitting your entry. Submissions of working prototypes are more likely to get shortlisted.

  • The Healthcare Challenge (The Why) – 30%
    • Well-articulated healthcare problem statement
    • The significant need in India being addressed
  • The Core Solution (The What) – 35%
    • Novelty/innovativeness of the proposed solution
    • Estimated impact of the solution (with substantive evidence to back-up claims)
  • The In-depth Plan (The How) – 35%
    • The kernel of the proposed approach/methods
    • Skillset of the team (commitment, the tenacity etc. to carry it through)
    • The completeness of the development plan
Delighters (value-add while considering the shortlist)
  • Proof-of-concept (tested elements of the concept)
  • Market feedback on estimated solution value through user research
  • Early user experience feedback on solution prototype

Winners of ZS PRIZE will receive cash rewards from the prize purse, as follows.
  • First prize: Rs 70 lakh
  • Runners up (two): Rs 40 lakh
  • Five winners/teams: Rs 2 lakh each
Additionally, top 50 teams will benefit from a fast track interview process for career opportunities in ZS.

The intellectual property of the idea remains with the participant. ZS may, however, possess or develop products or services similar to those submitted to ZS PRIZE.

ZS PRIZE comprises a multi-level process: registration, submission, evaluation, mentoring the shortlisted, pitch to the jury, and winners’ announcement.

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