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ZS PRIZE is a healthcare innovation award that aims to recognize and celebrate innovation in Healthcare using data, analytics, and advanced technology and helps create healthcare outcomes that are accessible and affordable for all.


Designed by ZS, a management consulting and technology firm, ZS PRIZE invites innovative ideas from startups, professionals and students that have the potential to change the future of Indian Healthcare.

The winning team(s) will create ingenious solutions that ultimately benefit millions of citizens who require an evolved, accessible, and affordable healthcare system today.


The inaugural edition successfully recognized and celebrated transformative solutions for complex healthcare problems. This second edition is powered with extensive mentorship and will further enhance the large-scale impact of these solutions in making Healthcare affordable and accessible.



Prize - Rs 75 lakh

Digital health and wellness startup Briota Technologies offers a holistic digital therapeutics platform that seeks to simplify the diagnosis and management of chronic respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, interstitial lung disease (ILD), long Covid, and post-Tuberculosis diseases.


Founded by Gajanan Sakhare and Shardul Joshi, Briota is on a mission to help 10 million people improve lung health by 2030. Its cutting edge Spirometry at Home service leverages an AI and IoT-first approach to democratise the diagnosis and lifecycle management of chronic respiratory ailments. The Healthtech startup's intuitive, affordable solutions arm patients and caregivers with accurate, real-time data needed to equip doctors to make better decisions, right from treatment solutions to medication adjustments, and enable caregivers to ensure better monitoring and care.


Briota's homegrown innovation has already helped over 55,000 patients, who are mostly from underserved populations in India. The company, which is currently operational in India and Denmark, is growing its global presence through various partnerships signed with governments, foundations, pharma, and insurance companies.

Runner Up

*In alphabetical order

Ayati Devices

Prize - Rs 25 lakh

Every 30 seconds, one leg is amputated due to diabetes. Medtech startup Ayati Devices wants to change that. The company is on a mission to reduce the risk of foot amputations due to diabetes by enabling early diagnosis through timely and accurate detection of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in patients. Founded by Nishant Kathpal, Ayati's maiden product Vibrasense is a low-cost, portable, smart screening device that can detect the severity of foot neuropathy in patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes.


Its new solution Angiocam is a laser-based, non-invasive imaging device that provides real-time video images of microvascular perfusion. Through this device, surgeons will be able to evaluate and quantify microcirculation in the foot and monitor the healing process of diabetic foot ulcers. It will also enable doctors to ensure better and quicker decision-making related to limb salvage potential, determine need for referrals for vascular interventions, and to objectively document improvements in microcirculation after vascular interventions. For patients, the benefits include reduced risks of amputations, treatment cost savings, and remote monitoring of wounds.

Urvogelbio Private Limited

Prize - Rs 25 lakh

Dementia is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide, with an estimated 44 out of 4.5 million people in India alone suffering from it. UrvogelBio, a pioneering Healthtech startup, is dedicated to advancing neuro care with a particular emphasis on Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.


The startup's cutting-edge platform employs exosome-based diagnostics and genetic testing to enable personalized treatment through early and easy detection of neurological diseases. It also offers patients access to minimally invasive, comprehensive early age treatments that slow the progression of neuro diseases.


Founded by Dr. M.V. Sasidhar and Co-founder Dr. Subhashani Prabhakar, UrvogelBio's portfolio of diagnostic tests extends to Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and stroke diagnostics, using neuronal exosome profiling and cell-free DNA.

Special Mentions

*In alphabetical order


Prize - Rs 10 lakh

Neodocs has developed an instant at-home smartphone-based health test platform that lets users take lab tests, anywhere and anytime, for a variety of metabolic and infectious diseases and get their results in 30 seconds.


The company, which is currently live with five urine test kits, designs custom test cards that contain highly specific biochemistries that give a visual output in terms of change in colour or intensity at the end of reaction. As part of the test, patients need to dip a custom test card in urine for a second, then take a photo of it using the Neodocs app, following which an algorithm uses computer vision to scan the card for biomarkers and give the test results in 30 seconds.


The company's current test portfolio includes urinary tract infection screening test, kidney care, antenatal pregnancy care, and elderly care. Going forward, the startup is looking to expand beyond urined-based tests to include tests based on blood, saliva, sweat, semen, and vaginal discharge. Over the next 12 months, its test pipeline is expected to increase to include Vitamin-D, IgE, Malaria, and HbA1c.

Primary Healthtech Private Limited

Prize - Rs 10 lakh

Primary Healthtech has developed a portable and affordable multi-diagnostic device, 'Mobilab' that is capable of analysing more than 25 parameters for diagnosis of kidney, liver, pancreas, and heart problems, among other things. With the goal of providing comprehensive healthcare solutions for all, Primary Healthtech's patented technology makes use of nanotechnology, advanced optics and optimised algorithms for performing diagnostic tests at low volume with better accuracy. With Mobilab, patients can access comprehensive healthcare at 20x reduced cost compared to traditional diagnostic methods. The device further supports 21 Indian languages, making it accessible to a diverse population.


Mobilab's efficacy has been demonstrated through seven hospital trials and 10,000 patient samples that it has so far collected. Also, currently Primary Healthtech holds seven patents that is a clear reflection of their cutting-edge approach to healthcare technology.


Why does ZS PRIZE focus on health and healthcare?

India is a country of over a billion people across rural, semi-urban, and urban landscapes. There are several gaps in how the population receives primary and secondary care across a gamut of diseases.


While organizations are doing their part by bringing in innovative healthcare solutions, there is still great potential in the untapped minds of the younger generation. ZS PRIZE will thus become the catalyst that brings the thoughts under one roof and unlock these ideas to create a better future.


ZS PRIZE will provide an opportunity to create an innovative, tech-enabled, novel healthcare solution. These solutions will help young India actively contribute and bring a change to the Indian healthcare landscape.

Do I need to have a working prototype of my idea?

If you have a working prototype, share relevant information on it when submitting your entry. Submissions of working prototypes are more likely to get shortlisted.

What is the evaluation criteria?

  • Well-articulated healthcare problem statement
    • The significant need in India being addressed
    • The Healthcare Challenge (The Why) – 30%
  • The Core Solution (The What) – 35%
    • Novelty/innovativeness of the proposed solution
    • Estimated impact of the solution (with substantive evidence to back-up claims)
  • The In-depth Plan (The How) – 35%
    • The kernel of the proposed approach/methods
    • Skillset of the team (commitment, the tenacity etc. to carry it through)
    • The completeness of the development plan




Delighters (value-add while considering the shortlist)

  • Proof-of-concept (tested elements of the concept)
  • Market feedback on estimated solution value through user research
  • Early user experience feedback on solution prototype




What are the prizes for winners of ZS PRIZE?

Winners of ZS PRIZE will receive cash rewards from the prize purse, as follows.

  • First Prize - Rs 70 lakh
  • Runners up (two): Rs 40 lakh
  • Five winners/teams: Rs 2 lakh each

Additionally, top 50 teams will benefit from a fast track interview process for career opportunities in ZS.

Will ZS use my idea without my consent?

The intellectual property of the idea remains with the participant. ZS may, however, possess or develop products or services similar to those submitted to ZS PRIZE.

What is the overall process of ZS PRIZE?

ZS PRIZE comprises a multi-level process: registration, submission, evaluation, mentoring the shortlisted, pitch to the jury, and winners' announcement.